Friday, February 26, 2010

Gayness, Multicultural Education, and Community by Dennis Carlson

"Over the past several decades representations of lesbians and gay men have begun t0 surface."
I think this is definitely true. I often see gay people, not only in movies, but on public television.

"To some extent this is because gay people have found
more acceptance within the middle class and among the college-educated than within the working class. Similarly, gay culture has been overwhelmingly "white"...
This statements is also very true. In my experience, all of the gay people I have encountered were white. I cannot really claim to know whether they were middle or working class, but most certainly appeared to be middle class whites. Here are some gay demographics.

"Major church groups also lined up against 'he Rainbow Curriculum including the Bronx Hispanic Clergy Association, the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, Christian fundamentalists, and Orthodox Jews. Yet twenty-five Protestant and Jewish clergy formed a council to counter the attack from the Right ("Liberal Groups" 1993).This points to the growing battle within the religious community over sexuality."
It makes no sense for a religious community whose writings and whose God condemns homosexuality to proclaim that they are in support of homosexuality. The two simply cannot go together. You cant change the Bible around. It says what it says.


  1. Yana,
    I really agree with your second quote. Most of the guys I know are gay are white and middle class.

  2. I think it's more on the lines of that progressive, white, middle class people, are more likely to "come out" and embrace their sexuality.

  3. I agree with Jeff. I do not believe this quote is trying to say a majority of gay men are white. I believe Carlson is trying to say white men are the majority of gay men "on record."

  4. I agree also with Jeff and Mike that the quote was probably saying "on record" gay men. I feel like, especially in this point in our culture, it is more acceptable for white men to be gay than black men, which is still pretty sad.

  5. I think it is easier for white people to "come out" because they are already in the culture of power, when you already feel like you have a strike against you for being non-white, you don't want to add anything else to the way people look at you that could move you furthur from the culture of power.